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Established in the year 2006, Hong Kong Jawee office is located in Shanghai, is one of a kind Automation Company that is widely known as an eminent Exporter, Importer and Supplier of AC Servo Drives, AC Servo Motor,  CNC System, CNC Spare Parts, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Inverters (VFD) and the allied products. Through these high-end products and services, we cater to Automotive, Marine, Packing, metal & steel and other such industries. Our product range is highly acknowledged in the market for it is technologically advanced, high efficiency and durable.


Based in China & Asian region, we have been dealing in factory automation products and allied products ever since. We have a clientele that is spread worldwide, such as Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, India, Singapore, Russia, Indonesia being our main export markets. 

Mitsubishi автоматизации основные продукты: программируемый контроллер; система ЧПУ;усилитель сервопривода;двигатель сервопривода;инвертор;

Los principales productos: Controladores lógicos programables, Serie FX3U, Serie FX3G, Serie Q-PLC; Sistemas CNC, Serie C70, Serie M70V, Serie M700V; Servomotores, Serie HF, Serie HF-KP, Serie SJ-D, Serie SJ-V; Servo Amplificadores, Serie MDS-D/DH, Serie MDS-DM, Serie MDS-D-SVJ3; AC Servomotores, Serie HC, Serie HF, Serie HG; AC Servo Amplificadores, Serie MR-J2 Super, Serie MR-J3, Serie MR-J4; Variadores de frecuencia, Serie FR-A700, Serie FR-F700, Serie FR-D700, Serie FR-E700

OS principais produtos: Controlador lógico programável, Série FX3U, Série FX3G, Série Q-PLC; Sistema CNC, Série C70, Série M70V, Série M700V;Servo Motor, Série HF, Série HF-KP, Série SJ-D, Série SJ-VServo-amplificador, Série MDS-D/DH, Série MDS-DM,  Série MDS-D-SVJ3;AC Servo motor, Série HC, Série HF,  Série HG; AC Servo-amplificadorSérie MR-J2SuperSérie MR-J3, Série MR-J4; Inversor de freqüência, Série FR-A700, Série FR-F700, Série FR-D700, Série FR-E700